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About Me

I am a normal person, with work, Family and all that comes with it.

I have been doing Fitness for 14 Years, and been Boxing + Coaching Boxing for little over 10 years.

I have a family of 5 ( 3 kids ) so i know all about time consumption.

And this where i think i can help you the most. Reaching your goals no only in fitness and nutrition but also in your personal life, finding the time in days that seems to have no time at all !!!


the Succes inside yourself and the succes you show others, goes hand in hand with eachother.
Do you have succes in the gym, you are most likely to have succes outside.
Let me help be a better version of youself, the version YOU deserve!!!
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Personal Training

Personal Training has all ways been a dream to me, after many years off training whit out getting the results i wanted, i fund that the STRICT diet and the MANY hours in the gym was not the way to go !! 

Spending my time effective, making adjustments to my training and diet, i have made time to myself and my family.

This is what i want to give to other people. I want to give YOU the life you deserve !!!

Health Quote

“Never choose the easy way, the easy way is easy for a reason, choose the hard way it will shape you and make you better at eveything.”

- Jesper segato

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